Yoga to Lose Weight in 1 Month – A Must Read Simple Yoga Poses

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Yoga to Lose Weight

Hey, Are you willing to try yoga to lose weight in just 1 month?
Fortunately, you came to the right place. In this article, you will get the right detailed information about losing weight with many yoga poses, Doing yoga regularly, with a healthy diet. This will make sure to reach your goals in a month.
If you are serious about positive changes in your life. So, it’s the best time for you to do yoga. Have you ever noticed a yoga activity that can help to lose weight?
Maybe, it can be amazing. Yoga activity is perfect for it.
Let’s see some ways of using yoga for losing weight.

Multiple Benefits of Using Yoga

On this earth, maybe there is nobody who has never heard about yoga. Yoga started in India thousands of years ago. But, It spread all over the world very fastly when people get aware of yoga’s major health benefits. There is the fact, which people do yoga, they get lots of benefits physically or mentally healthy.

Did you know, for losing weight fastly or effectively results? There are especially yoga exercises or Asana can be the best option for yoga to lose weight

  • Yoga improves balance, strength, and flexibility.- Deep breathing and slow movements increase the blood flow.
  • Get rid of back pain relief using yoga.- For back pain, yoga is the best treatment for your back pain relief.
  • Yoga relaxes you, for better sleeping. – At bedtime, if you do yoga. This will help to have a positive mindset.
  • Yoga gives calm and brighter moods.- you will feel raising your physical or mental energy.
  • Yoga helps you to be stress-free.- yoga supports, mindfulness, weight loss, and better sleep.
  • Improves your flexibility.
  • Perfect postures.
  • Maintain your nervous system

How Long Does Yoga Results From Weight Loss?

Most people, who do yoga constantly. Have you noticed a visible difference in weight within 2 weeks? But the result also depends on many factors like Age, Diet, or their Lifestyle, Gender, or medical conditions.

Yoga to Lose Weight

How Much Time Expect Losing Weight From Yoga?

According to research, 30 minutes of yoga workout form like Hatha yoga can help you to lose weight and at least 120 pounds per person burn 115 calories. 160 pounds of people burn 155 calories. If you do yoga on a daily basis. Vinyasa yoga or power yoga will help you to burn calories because of your constantly moving body.

This will be very beneficial for you to lose weight or your belly fat. The best part of Yoga will reduce your stress or better sleep. That’s why yoga is a powerful or wonderful losing weight technique for people.

Best yoga types for losing weight

  • Power yoga to lose weight
  • Vinyasa yoga to lose weight
  • Ashtanga yoga to lose weight
  • Iyengar yoga to lose weight
  • Baba Ram Dev yoga to lose weight
  • Bikram yoga to lose weight
  • Hatha yoga to lose weight

power yoga, Vinyasas yoga is also a beneficial yoga type for losing weight. Only, you have to work on it constantly, which can help you to burn calories.

Constantly Yoga also helps you to improve your metabolism and muscle tone


Yoga at Night – Various Ways And Advantages Of Doing Yoga At Night

Let’s talk about yoga poses, Steps, or benefits to lose weight.

Here are the best types of asana, yoga for people, which you can even do at your home easily. We will tell you step-by-step yoga asanas, caution, steps to losing weight.

1. Shalabhasana (Locust Pose)

Yoga to Lose Weight - Shalabhasana

Shalabhsana’s name comes from the Sanskrit language word which means locust. Here are Asana and the various benefits of doing it. How you can do this asana properly.

This is the best Asana for losing weight. It works to improve your digestion or boost your metabolism. This yoga Asana also strengthens your chest muscles, shoulders, belly, Stress, and improves postures.

How to Do properly:

  • Lie on belly and rested arms beside. Palms should be open and the forehead should rest on the floor.
  • Turn your big toes towards each other, keep buttock form.
  • Then, lift your arms, legs, or head or upper torso from the floor.
  • Make your legs or heels firm.
  • Stretch through your fingertips and raise your arms to parallel from the floor.
  • Arms should towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your back straight and look straight while resting your neck.
  • Before exhaling maintain this pose for at least 30-35 seconds.


  • If you are experiencing migraines and headaches or if you are suffering from neck and back injuries. then, please stay away.
  • Pregnant ladies should not try this yoga Asana.

2. Paschimottanasana (Seated Bend Forward)

Yoga to Lose Weight - Paschimottanasana

Did you know, this one is the best sitting pose in yoga to lose weight which aids in stimulating the solar plexus of your center. This asana will infuse your newfound energy in you. If you are suffering from fatigue. This asana helps in reducing fat and stretches the entire body fat from the abdomen. It helps to get rid of depression.

How to Do it properly:

  • When you sit on the floor then straighten your legs.
  • Bend forward from the hips and elongate the front torso. Stretch hold your hands with your feet. Or you can use a strap to hold your feet.
  • Maintain your position for 50-60 minutes.


  • If you have earlier back problems like surgeries or disc slipped, if you want to do this asana firstly consult a professional.
  • Stay away from these poses if you are suffering from asthma and diarrhea.

3. Utkatasana Yoga Pose ( Weight Loss For Chair Yoga pose)

Yoga to Lose Weight - Utkatasana Yoga Pose

The Simplest or easiest yoga asana for losing weight, this asana is known as chair pose, fierce pose, or lighting bolt pose.

Using this asana helps to focus on strengthening the core muscles, tone of the buttocks by melting fat from the areas and thighs also.

But, here is the required concentration and focuses on these muscles that help to remove excess fat.

How to Do it properly:

  • Firstly, stand on your yoga mat with your folded palms (namaste).
  • Bends at the knee so then thighs parallel to the floor and raise hands above the head.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Stay in position as long as you can then come to your normal position.


  • If you are suffering from a knee injury and back, this asana is not for you.
  • Only do this asana on an empty stomach.
  • If you are suffering from low blood pressure, headaches, arthritis, insomnia. Then stay away.
  • Be careful in this pose when you are staying lower your body can retain thus natural lumbar curve.

4. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Yoga to Lose Weight - Trikonasana

This is the simplest yoga exercise to lose weight. This asana looks similar to a triangle, and its name comes from Trikona, which comes from the Sanskrit language. In this asana, you should keep your eyes open to maintaining your balance.

This yoga pose helps to reduce your fat around and stimulates your digestive system. This yoga pose strengthens core muscles and slims your waistline.

How to Do it properly:

  • Stand in your head
  • Turn the right foot slightly towards the left. The left foot has to be 90 degrees. Keeps your thighs firm.
  • Extend the torso over the left leg, while you are bending from the hips.
  • Keep your left hand on the floor close to your left foot.
  • Stretch your hands towards the ceiling.
  • Turn your head to the right
  • At least maintain your pose for 25 to 30 seconds.
  • Maintain the pose for 30 seconds.


  • Stay away from this, if you are suffering from blood pressure and neck pain.
  • Practice this asana with wall support and keep your one hand on the hip, if you are a heart patient.
  • Avoid this, if you are facing a headache or diarrhea.

Some Additional Yoga Tips for Weight Loss:

To get the major benefits from Yoga to lose weight, you must follow all rules:

  • Firstly, decide on your height according to your ideal weight and your weight transformation goals.
  • Decide on an ideal time for Yoga. Morning is considered to be the best time for performing Yoga.
  • Refrain from eating anything at least one hour before the Yoga session.
  • Maintain a quiet and peaceful environment throughout the practice time.

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While Yoga For Losing Weight, You Must Read:

  • Stay away from fatty foods, starchy, sugary, and consuming oily.
  • Drink the amount of water recommended
  • Stay away from tea, coffee, or sodas.
  • While eating chew food properly, Don’t eat fastly.
  • If you follow the instructions properly, this will give you a toned and faster result.

But before we conclude this, it’s very necessary to tell you the results of these yoga asanas for every person. What amount of weight you lose overall depends on you and the current amount of weight, commitment levels. So, if you are serious about using yoga to lose weight, then this is the time to stand up and get the yoga mat rolling.


This article is totally for informational purposes only and it doesn’t qualify o to treat any kind of health disorder or diagnosis.

Also Notice this, like yoga poses or workout and exercises, you must care for your body limits and this is recommended that you have to consult a professional or expert in this field before starting yoga if you have any doubt about your health issues. It is not necessary all exercises are suitable for everybody.

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