Recipes Of Bread For Breakfast | Everything You Need To Know About It

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In this article, we will give some awesome breakfast recipes, It’s the main component will be bread. We will discuss one long and 2 quick recipes of Bread. You can choose your recipes for busy or holiday. There are many recipes but we are going to discuss some of my personal favorites. So let’s start our topic- Recipes of Bread.

Recipes Of Bread

Recipes of Bread, it sounds very simple. it is actually very simple but the taste is fantastic. Guys, we will get a crispy sandwich with a juicy filling inside this recipe was my childhood favorite recipes of Bread. I recreated today let’s Start our leaning. It is a super simple recipe guys take one onion two tomatoes and two green chillies.

along with that you can take some coriander leaves, which will bring the fresh flavour we have to chop all of these finally the first time shopping the onion after that we are going to cut the tomato also the tomato has to be double the quantity compared to the onion and that brings the juiciness is in the sandwich, so that is the main ingredient in this recipe of bread.

I am a big fan of chilli, so my mum uses green chilli. if you want to make it less spicy you can also use one green chilli to the green chilli tomato and onion chopped and I am taking a few coriander leaves also.

Now we’re going to add a little bit of salt into this one teaspoon should be fine of a teaspoon of red chilli powder and then we are going to mixed together we have everything is getting ready in the chopping board itself the feeling is ready.

This looks very simple, but there is magic in these guys as every ingredient is bringing a different element of Taste. Crunchy, Juicy, fresh, and spicy is going to be a blast of flavours. This is ready for going to take bread slices and then we are going to spread the fillings.

 This recipe will be good for 3 sandwiches. just apply the stuffing evenly and then you will cover it with the second slice of bread and now we toast. There is a big tip here guys, you have to make this recipe in iron TAWA for the best experience with desi-ghee.

You might be thinking about what is I am doing with ghee and sandwich together. trust me guys what I am speaking here butter has 80% fat and about 15 to 16% moisture has he has 96% fat and zero moisture.

What do you mean by that there is 15% moisture in Butter and when we make the sandwich in Tawa the atmosphere evaporates and the sandwich doesn’t get very crunchy? So for the best experience try to use the Desi Ghee. You can take like half teaspoon Ghee applying the Tawa, after that place the Bread on the top and then press, it toasted like for like one minute.

Also do apply the ghee on the top area of the bread and then we are going to flip Bread. Some more minutes on the bottom side and our sandwich is ready. just remember to keep pressing it. So in about two or to half-minute to sandwich toast and it gets study. after that is Golden from both sides we can take it out.

The first one is then and now we’re going to make a second sandwich the processes the same you can apply a little bit of  Ghee and don’t worry about the Smell guys, Many kinds go away the listen to the word Ghee. Because they don’t like it alike as a kid I didn’t use to like.

I am actually experiencing Nostalgia appropriate now. This compound was my favorite bite in childhood. Mom acclimated to accomplish it every now and I acclimated to adore it. In fact, Ghee makes sandwich added crunches is adumbration earlier. So you charge to try it. let’s booty it out slices into two and enjoy.

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Crunchy, fresh, and ambrosial it is central guys. I beggarly dank additionally it is inside. we aloof charge a candied aspect and that comes with the ketchup. So you should absolutely Serve it with a little bit of amazon ketchup or you can additionally serve it with blooming chutney if you appetite to, I alone like the amazon ketchup.

So you should definitely Serve it with a little bit of tomato ketchup or you can also serve it with green chutney if you want to, I personally like the tomato ketchup.

 Some Quick Recipes Of Bread

These recipes of Bread will help you in busy working days.

1. This Is The First Quick Recipe Of Bread: Firstly take one slice of Bread than cut it’s side. Than apply Mayonnaise than arrange its cuts on its sides. Now take a bowl pour 1 cup heavy cream, 1 cup cheese, and spread some black pepper after it mixes properly. After it, put the mixture in Microwave for 20 seconds at 600W. Now pour one egg and the mixture on the bread. Now spread some Pancetta and toast it for 5 minutes and enjoy your meal.

2. Our Next Dish Is Indian Bread Pakora: So let’s start, Firstly take one medium size and ¾ cup boiled and mashed Potato, 1 teaspoon Cumin and 2 teaspoons chopped Ginger, Chopped Green chill (according to your taste), Chopped Coriander, 2 tsp Red chilli powder and salt to taste. After mixing these ingredients apply a thick layer on 4 nose Bread slices, then cover it by second bread slice and press it gently. Repeat with the other one.

 Now take one more big bowl Make a batter of One tip Gram Flour, Salt to taste, 1tsp Carom Seeds, 2 tsp chilli powder, 1 Table Tea Spoon chopped Coriander, ½ tsp Turmeric, and ¾ cup water, than mix these ingredients.

Finally, dip the bread to batter and fry on the pan. Now bake 2-3 minutes each side, Make sure it bake properly by all sides. Use Tongs for bake all sides, Tongs make baking easier. Now enjoy your delicious meal. These were three recipes of bread. Now you Can impress anyone by a slice of bread.


As we mentioned above about some special dishes made by bread. So actually these ingredients add value in the taste of bread. This making process is actually a process of value addition of bread. Although we can make many different dishes by bread that dishes are a little different from other dishes because among these dishes some dishes are especially for vegetarians and some dishes are especially for non-vegetarian. So you can make tasty dishes with the help of bread, these dishes are tasty as well as less time consuming and healthy too.

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