10 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods To Eat That Will Improve Your Health

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If you want to weight loss with Nutrition Food, so you should eat more, let see how….

Hi friends, in this we are going to tell you about an awesome nutrition food information which is about weight loss. If anybody wants to weight loss there are some things he/she notice in her/his meal.

The rule of weight loss is that we should take fewer calories and burn more calories. There is one factor “daily calorie consumption “.if your calorie intake is less than DCC so you will lose your weight.

Today we will talk about some foods which help you to be in a calorie deficit.

Salad Before Lunch and Dinner:

Here’s the most important weapon against fat. Salad should eat before lunch and dinner, in this way your tummy already fulfilled with less calorie food and it provides you with many types of vitamins, fibres, and minerals.

Salad is very cheap in price and easy to make because it doesn’t want to cook or fry. Salad should contain a minimum of 2-3 types of green veggies ex. Cucumber, carrot, radish, cabbage, etc. according to your test.


Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Fruits are best in test and loss of fat. Fruits give us vitamins and protein but it also gives us good natural sugar. We should replace natural sugar in place of white sugar. white processed sugar is very bad for fat loss goals because it doesn’t contain any type of minerals, vitamin, or protein. It only contains pure calories.

Perfect time to eat fruits is at breakfast and after lunch or dinner. Sour fruits like oranges, grapes, and sweet lime are good for fat loss because it helps to clean our stomach and drain out toxic elements from the body.


In the journey of weight loss, we should focus on the protein intake because protein gives the energy to repair cells and create mussels. It’s a small rule more you mussels grow your fat will burn. So do resistance training, it helps to lose weight faster.

Grains are famous for their protein. Grains have many types of essential protein and minerals. There are many types of grains, which help to weight loss and maintain daily calorie consumption(DCC).

Curd and Buttermilk:

Curd and buttermilk are full of essential protein and digestive enzymes. Protein helps us to repair mussels fibers and enzymes helps to boost our metabolism. Metabolism is a very important factor in weight loss. More metabolism means more fast food processing.

The best time to take curd in the morning and the best time to drink buttermilk (church) is between 12 ‘o’clock to 5 ‘o’clock. We should not take these at night, because it causes cough and Fever.

Make sure to choose curd(yogurt) with a live, active culture, as other types of curd contain virtually no preservatives. Low-fat curd is usually loaded with sugar, so it’s best to avoid it.

Egg Whites:

Weight Loss Friendly Foods

We always fear from eggs but, it is scientifically proven that eggs have much amount of protein and other minerals. We should eat egg whites excluding the yellow part. The yellow part contains some fats, which are against your goal but, you should absolutely include egg whites in your meals to maintain your protein consumption.

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Eggs are very nutrient-dense. Compared to refined carbs like bagels, Eggs can suppress appetite later in days may even promote fat loss programmers.

Green Tea:

Weight Loss Friendly Foods

If you want to lose weight faster and boost your metabolism, so you must take green tea. It boosts your metabolism. I have discussed above that metabolism has direct connections to your weight loss goals.

We should take green tea in the morning, in this way it does proper cleaning of your stomach and get the best results a few days. Green tea and yoga makes your goals more closer

Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, and good fat which help you to lose bad fat. Our body needs good fat (0.4 or 0.7g/kg) to functions our brain and creates new cells. Dry fruits are the best way to fill the fat requirement of our body. It’s also improves our brain functioning.


Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Soups are multi-nutrient liquid food, it provides us water. It depends on you how tasty soup you made but the soup is simply boiled veggies extracted water with spices. It helps to get energy in the weight loss journey.

Here is a one small tip for you to that you must not mix much spices and salt in the soup because it’s make soup less effective.

Coconut Oil:

It is contradictory that it helps us to reduce the fat. You are thinking that how? So here’s your answer. Coconut oil is high fatty acid of a medium length, called medium-chain triglycerides(MTCs).

In many practices, scientists found that it helps to reduce belly fat in both men and women. But where the good bad always live there. So it is true that it helps to weight loss goals, but it has massive calories so you should list in your bottom wish list.


It’s the tastiest thing on the list. Juices can be made by many fruits. Juice do major two things, first provides many vitamins, minerals . and second hydrates our body by giving a huge amount of water.

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