Diet Review 2021 : How Do Low Calorie Diets Work?

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How Do Low Calorie Diets Work?

Low calorie diets and very low calorie diets are used as a quick way of losing weight. So do low calorie diets give the right amount of weight loss and do they protect the body from serious health problems?
These low calorie diets have to be followed to the letter or they will not work. So what exactly are they and what numbers of calories can the average weight loss person consume every day?

Let us examine the Low Calorie Diet first.

Low calorie diets should provide 800-1200 kcalories per day whereas the recommended daily calorie intake for adequate body maintenance is 2000 kcalories for women and 2500 kcalories for men. These are not set in stone and may vary depending on the individual concerned.

Usually, the low calorie diet is used to treat obese patients and must be set at a figure lower than the person’s energy requirements. The patients resting metabolic rate are measured over 24-hours to access the energy expenditure that would allow maintenance of body weight and give the upper limit of a low-calorie diet for a given subject.

Now for the Very Low Calorie Diet.

Very low calorie diets should provide 800 or fewer calories per day, which is extremely low for anyone with a physical job. Calorie content set at this level has been seen to prevent weight regain.

Low calorie and very low calorie diets have now been taken over by a number of reputable companies that offer these diets as part of their weight loss programs.

These new diets have to be used in conjunction with behavioral therapy, and physical activity to get an effective weight loss at the beginning of the treatment.
Behavioral therapy can help you to change how you think and what you do (Behaviour). These changes can help you to feel better. Unlike some of the other treatments, it focuses on the problems and difficulties of how you feel about diet and exercise. Instead of focusing on the causes of your weight gain, it looks for ways to improve your state of mind now and help you to focus on improving your motivation.

The diets are not suitable for everyone and as a guide, these are the requirements that justify their use.

  1. A BMI of greater than 25
  2. Anyone needing rapid weight loss.
  3. Anyone who has had problems with the traditional route to weight loss.
  4. Desperate to lose weight.
  5. An easy and less hassle approach to weight loss.

There are some disadvantages.

  1. There is a possible risk of gall stones.
  2. Lack of energy.
  3. Headaches.
  4. Having to cut down on physical activity.


The length of these diets to get the maximum effect is for 12 continuous weeks, or every two or three days alternating with a low calorie or normal diet.

Like all weight-loss diets especially low calorie ones, please make sure that they are safe for you to use. Check with your medical physician or nutrition adviser before embarking on any low calorie diets.

Please remember that cutting your calorie intake could cause serious health problems. So please be careful and get professional advice. Remember everything in moderation and do plenty of research before you choose.

Low Calorie Diets

RECOMMENDED – Why Diet Is Important & What Do You Need?

Why you need only a complete diet (and why not exercise)

A completely balanced diet is key to a healthy lifestyle. While an active routine is very important, you can still ensure a steady and healthy living if you pay attention to your diet. In fact, the Mediterranean diet was thought to be the best diet worldwide, as it included lots of fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, and nuts. This diet proved to be exceptionally good for overall health, including a healthy heart.

This diet or any other diet may prove fruitful, but according to a new study, scientists have revealed that a Mediterranean diet keeps the heart healthy and reduces the chances of heart problems and related issues such as hypertension, diabetes, inflammation, and even mental health. The study revealed that those who followed this diet necessarily didn’t do any workouts and still remained fit and healthy.

This new study has only justified the fact that diet is an essential aspect of our lifestyle. What we eat matters a lot these days because our lifestyle hardly allows us to remain active. Even then, we should opt for a complete diet and must exercise regularly to maintain our health.

Easy Health benefits of a good diet

Keeping up a generally sound diet not just offers your body the vitality and sustenance that it needs for capacity, yet offers a few medical advantages also. The following is a rundown that sustenance that are the best for your body, and the medical advantages that those nourishments give. Cases of refined starches incorporate treat. This permits you to keep up enduring glucose and steady vitality levels, therefore.

Medical advantages

Eating a diet high in products of the soil as a general sound diet might

  • Reduce hazards for stroke and other cardiovascular maladies.
  • Reduce the hazard of sort 2 diabetes.
  • Protect against specific malignancies, for example, mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum malignancy.
  • Reduce the danger of coronary conduit malady.
  • Help abatement bone misfortune and diminish the danger of creating kidney stones.


  • No organic products or vegetables have cholesterol, and most are actually low in fat and calories.
  • Vegetables are an extraordinary hotspot for potassium, dietary fiber, folic corrosive, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C.
  • Fruits are an awesome hotspot for supplements, for example, potassium.
  • Diets rich in potassium may help to keep up the solid pulse.
  • Dietary fiber helps lessen blood cholesterol levels and may lower the danger of coronary illness.

Fiber is critical for legitimate inside capacity. Fiber-containing sustenance, for example, vegetables help give an inclination of totality with fewer calories. Generally, the people in the United States of America are more cautious about a healthy diet. They are so fit because they take only good food and completely avoid oil-related foodstuffs.

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