Happiness – Top 9 Keys To Living A Happy Life

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What Is Happiness?

Happiness is one of those fuzzy ideas which everyone strives to attain but never truly reach. Why is that? The simple answer is that life is a constantly evolving process that throws up a variety of challenges for us to overcome.
All we can do is focus our attention on living the happiest life we can – strive to become happier than you ever believed you could be and learn to live your best life to the fullest you are capable of.

I believe that every single person in the world is driven by an inner urge to experience and produce more happiness in his or her life. That is the reason we as a whole do what we do and keeping in mind that every last one of us may term it in an unexpected way, the basic craving is to feel better – to be upbeat.

We as a whole need to be upbeat and as it should be, life is goodness and the entire reason for living is to appreciate life. So there’s nothing amiss with looking for fresher, better methods of showing satisfaction in your life, however, it’s no time like the present you began acquiring a superior comprehension about how to discover bliss in your life on the grounds that on multiple occasions, we go about it the unlawful route pursuing things that we think will present to us the Happiness we look for just to find that it isn’t so.

Social conditioning has painted a somewhat distorted picture of what happiness is. All ideas of happiness carry an emphasis on the external part of life. It seems to be attached to doing certain things or having certain things and while the doing and having aren’t wrong in any way, making happiness dependent on effects is a sure way of missing it for a bigger portion of your daily living.

If you want to find happiness in your life on a daily basis, there are certain things you must know now and begin adapting to your daily routine. To begin with, let’s reframe what happiness means to you.

Happiness doesn’t imply that everything is totally ideal every snapshot of the day, it implies that you are content and appreciative for where you are, that you can see some great in your present circumstance and that at your center, you feel steady, entire, and enough – similarly as you are.

Happiness is being in your alignment. It is being in a state of appreciation, love, and feeling good not because of what’s happening at that moment but because of who you are. It is allowing life to freely be, as it will, trusting that only good can come to and through you because goodness is the fundamental essence of your life.

Happiness is that wonderful combination of feelings of joy, love, wonderment, satisfaction, and contentment to name just a few. How we arrive at this euphoric state is different for all of us but one thing is for sure, happiness wells up from deep within our inner selves so to achieve and maintain everlasting happiness, focus on what’s on the inside, not the outside. External joys are short-lived and quickly forgotten.

Happiness - Top 9 Keys To Living A Happy Life

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Below you will find a few simple keys to help you reach the level of happiness that you deserve:

  •  Live in the moment.

Don’t waste your energy dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. You can’t change the past and the future isn’t here yet so simply focus on the now and totally commit yourself to the present. Immerse your whole being into the joy of the minor details, like the sweet smell of roses in your garden as you make your way to the front gate or experiencing the uplifting smile of the coffee vendor who prepares your perfect brew.

These are the things that bring us true joy so don’t overlook them. These single moments in time are where real happiness can be found and how deeply you experience the happiness is completely up to you.

  • Be Grateful for every precious second.

If you find yourself struggling to fully “enjoy the moment,” then perhaps you can try giving thanks to what this moment represents in your life. Waking up to a flat tire before work might not be that enjoyable but the exercise required to change it is good for your health, be grateful.

A rough day in the office or on the job site may not be that enjoyable but the fact that you have employment provides a roof over your head and keeps your family safe, be grateful. Receiving harsh criticism from family, friends or colleagues is never fun but it does give you an opportunity to change for the better, be grateful. Give gratitude and appreciation to every single precious moment and that will attract more good things into your life.

  • Find your “Happy Place”.

Everyone has their own favorite happy place. Somewhere they can escape the stress and restrictions of daily life and feel totally at ease. Some people will find their happy place in the busy hustle and bustle of a city shopping mall. Some, in the peace and quiet of the backroom or the calm of a deserted beach. Others will say it is in the sounds of their favorite song or band. It is different for each of us but what is consistent is that it is that one place or thing where you go to be fully present with yourself, and you can immerse yourself in the total experience.

  • Control Your Thoughts.

I recently stumbled across an article in ‘Psychology Today’ which reported that the average brain has somewhere between 25,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day. WOW!! No wonder my head hurts. The article went on to explain that 70% of those thoughts were negative. We know that your thoughts affect the way you view the world and with that much negativity, something needs to change.

The good news is that every negative thought can be turned into a positive. Life shouldn’t be a struggle, you can make life easier and more enjoyable because you can control your thoughts. Life can become happier simply by changing how you think! Learn to use positive affirmations and visualization to help change and control your thinking. Something like; “I can create the perfect reality for my life whenever I chose and for me, it looks like this ….” (fill in your perfect life).

  • Spend Time with Nature.

Spending some quality time out in your local nature reserve, woods or park can be extremely invigorating, refreshing, and soul repair. This is doubly true if your usual environment is the concrete jungle that most of us find ourselves living in. Hiking in nature provides an excellent opportunity to breathe in the fresh air and allows you to fully appreciate the amazing beauty of the natural world.

  • Take a Dog For a Walk.

If you own a dog, try this, instead of you walking the dog and deciding the route, let the dog walk you. Track where he/she leads you and take pictures along the way. Step outside your own life by focusing on his/yourself. You’ll be surprised at what you might learn. Animals can perk up your mood pretty much straight away.

  • Give Your Time Freely.

Those who invest their time freely into helping others are amongst the happiest people I know. If you have never volunteered before, now’s a good time to give it a try. You will be amazed at how it instantly lifts your mood. Smile and get to know those that you are providing the help for. Ask them questions about their lives and then really listen. Make them feel like they matter.

There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in someone else’s day. Try to set aside a couple of hours from your regular weeks’ schedule to provide assistance to someone in need. Performing a selfless act is the fastest way to achieve a true sense of happiness.

  • Be Accepting.

Learn to accept and truly become comfortable with who you are. No one is perfect and you will exhaust yourself trying to be all things to all people. So often we compare ourselves to others and in doing so we focus on what we’re not rather than celebrating what we’ve got.

This makes it much harder to be happy. By learning to accept ourselves, with all our built-in imperfections, and forgiving ourselves when things do go wrong, will improve our overall enjoyment of life. It also helps us accept others as they really are.

  • Explore Your Creativity.

Remember when you were a kid, the excitement you felt when you experienced something new. As adults, we need to rekindle our enthusiasm for the unknown. Embrace curiosity and rediscover your creativity through either painting, drawing, cooking, or maybe even building something. Learning something new helps you to feel happy and alive.


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