The Complete Guide To Healthy Food For 2021

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The Complete Guide To Healthy Food

Healthy Food – The food in which protein, vitamins, and minerals are found in excess is called preservation food.  Milk and milk products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and fruits fall into this category.

 The majority of the people eat more grains and their food is lacking in other energetic elements.  Broadly, it can be improved by making changes in the food, that is, wherever there is an excess of food in the food, the quantity of food should be reduced and instead of the elements which meet the body’s protein, vitamins, and minerals in the food should be increased. 

Wherever such foods are available, and with the use of science and technology, with the help of preserved food, a nutritious diet can be improved.  Nutritional losses during cooking can be prevented by using improved methods of preparing food.  Many nutrients are destroyed by over-boiling or frying the food.  Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the food is cooked properly.


  1. Building vital substances like tissues, muscles, and blood in the body, assisting in the development of enzymes and immunological elements to withstand infection.
  2. Sources: – Fresh or dried milk, cheese, curd, oilseeds and kernels, soybeans, yeast, pulses, meat, liver, fish, eggs, and grains.


  1. Functioning as a concentrated source of strength and replenishing soluble vitamins.
  2. Sources: butter, ghee, vegetable oil and fat, oilseeds and kernels, fish oil, and egg yolk.


  1. Empowering the body.
  2. Sources: Cereals, millet, candy mails such as potatoes, beetroot, are
  3. Tapioca etc. and sugar and jaggery.


Guide To Healthy Food
 Vitamin A
  1. Keeping the skin and mucous membranes of the body healthy and protecting from night blindness.
  2. Sources: fish oil, liver, milk products – yogurt, butter, ghee – carrots, fruits, and leafy vegetables.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
  1. Normal appetite, digestive power, and healthy nervous system, and conversion of food sugars into power.
  2. Sources: eggs, legumes, pulses, kernels, oil-seeds, yeast, grains, sea rice.
Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)
  1. Helping cells in the use of oxygen, keeping the eyes healthy and clean, and not allowing the crust to form around the
  2. mouth and protecting the mouth core from bursting.
  3. Sources: milk, curd, paneer, eggs, and leafy vegetables.Niacin
  4. Keeping skin, stomach, intestines, and nervous system healthy.
  5. Sources: Pulses, whole grains, meat, liver, yeast, oilseeds, kernels, and legumes.
Vitamin C
  1. Strengthening cells, strengthening blood vessel reefs, preventing infection, and providing strength to get rid of the disease quickly.
  2.  Sources: Amla, guava, citrus fruits, fresh vegetables, and sprouted pulses.
Vitamin D
  1. Helps the body to ingest large amounts of calcium and strengthen the bone.
  2. Sources: milk, butter, eggs, milk, cheese, fish, oil, and ghee.
 Calcium and phosphorus
  1. It is helpful in making bones and teeth, increase blood and muscles and nerves to work properly.Sources: Milk and its products, leafy vegetables, small fish and cereals, etc.
  2. Sources: Milk and its products, leafy vegetables, small fish and cereals etc.

Basic hemoglobin a red actuality in the claret that carries oxygen to the beef calm with protein.
Sources: Kaleji, Kidney, Eggs, Vegetables, Oilseeds-kernels, Legumes, Pulses, Jaggery, Dry fruits, and Leafy Vegetables.

If there is so much, how can a diet not be healthy and testy? I have so many beta-rich carbohydrates and all these things. All these things protect our health. They make us healthy. Whatever the diet, whether it be fruits or vegetables, meat or wheat, rice or grains, they are all tasty and healthy.

The test is present in man and the taste of his tongue is felt by this test. Every country, every city, every province has its own food and favorite food which is eaten and liked because of its culture and tradition. Which is full of tests and health.

Can Healthy Foods be Tasty?

Guide To Healthy Food

Some foods are very tasty and we remember the taste for years۔And healthy food is as tasty as rice, it is made very differently and each recipe is great.

Researchers at six US universities and colleges found that when they were labeled based on health characteristics, consumers ate vegetables 29% more often when labeled based on their taste.  Flavor-focused labels also showed consumers eating their vegetables 14% more often than the original vegetables.  The study was conducted during 185 days of 137,842 dinner decisions and 24 types of vegetables were used in the university’s five dining halls. 

  Researchers said that while labels on healthy foods advertise their health benefits, most people prefer the taste of what to eat.  More people ate better-performing botanical dishes with tasty dishes, positive or fancy words, or ingredient lists.

Any substance which is made up of sugars (carbohydrates), fat, water, and/or protein and can be ingested by the living world is called food.  Organisms feed not only to survive but to lead healthy and active lives.  The food contains many nutrients that develop the body, keep it healthy, and provide strength. and the food is tasty.

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The essential elements found in food are carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils, vitamins, and minerals.  In addition, food should have all the nutrients;  That is, proteins to strengthen muscles and tissues, carbohydrates and fats to provide energy or strength, mineral salts for strong bones and blood development, and vitamins for a healthy life and physical development.

 The requirement of various nutrients in the body – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals depends on the age, physical exertion, and condition of the body.  A laborer doing manual labor needs more power-providing food than a person working in an office.  Mothers of pregnant women and lactating babies require more protein and minerals due to physical changes.

 Therefore, it is important that every person should include all the necessary nutrients in their food according to their age, sex, work condition, etc.  The food that satisfies these needs of man is called balanced food.

 Balanced food can be prepared by mixing the following food items with prudence.

Powerful Food

Carbohydrate and fat-rich food are also called powerful food.  Pulses, condoms, dry fruits, sugar, oil and fats fall into this category

Body-building Foods

Guide To Healthy Food

Food with more protein is called bodybuilding food.  Milk, ghee, pulses, oil-seeds, gars, and low fat oil-seeds of Indian cows of Indian breed fall into this category.

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