Cardio Yoga: 5 Ways to Turn Your Yoga Sesh Into a Cardio Workout

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Cardio yoga is a popular form of exercise that combines yoga with heart disease, or cardio, exercise. It has become more popular among those who enjoy the comfort benefits of yoga but need more intensity.

This article explains everything you need to know about cardio yoga, its benefits, specific exercises, and 5 ways to turn your yoga sesh Into a cardio workout.

What is Cardio Yoga?

Indian philosophy, yoga focus on poses, breathing techniques, and meditation practices to enhance the basic, yoga consciousness and relieve anxiety. This practice has become popular around the world for relieving stress, strengthening sleep, boosting mental and emotional health, and relieving general low back and neck pain.

While there are many types of yoga, Hatha yoga is usually practiced, as it refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures.

Most yoga classes – Astanga, Vinyasa, and Shakti Yoga – Hatha Yoga

Although this type of yoga varies in the order, movement, and pace of the physical condition, they do not usually think of card cardio or aerobic exercise.

This is because they focus on breathing techniques, body movements, and positioning rather than dynamic movements that increase your intensity and increase your heart rate.

On the other hand Cardio yoga exercises, involve yoga-inspired movements that are faster and more continuous with more muscles and challenging your heart, or blood circulation, system.

Specific Cardio Yoga Workouts

Because there’s not an accepted definition of cardio yoga, teachers can blend in with their favorite movements and movements.

While yoga is generally safe and secure, make sure you are on a flat surface and that you have no conditions that can interfere with balance, such as neuropathic or orthopedic boundaries.

Here are some moderate-intensity cardio yoga exercises to try to work out for all your major muscle groups, including your arms, chest, back, and legs.

Here Are 5 Cardio Yoga Poses That Can Turn Into a Cardio Workout

Each of these 5 yoga poses has two ways you can turn it into a cardio exercise. As always, remember to take it to your level. Take water or rest when you need it!

01. Plank Pose

Cardio Yoga: Plank Pose
Plank Pose

Plank pose strengthens your roots, tones your arms and glutes, and is itself a great full-body exercise. We will include mountain climbers and blackjack to add a cardio workout.

Plank Pose Alignment Tips:

  • Keep your shoulders over your wrists
  • Arrange your roots to keep your head, shoulders, hips, and heels in a diagonal line.

Mountain Climbers

From Plank Pose, pull your right knee to tap your right corner. Bring your feet together, and switch your left knee to tap the left corner. You will have to choose your pace! Be nice and slow with it, or really take it at a jogging pace to pump your heart out. Practice 10 rounds (one round right knee and left knee).

Plank Jacks

Hold a strong Plank Jack’s pose. When you are ready to start, keep both feet away from each other and then get back together. Stack your shoulders on your shoulders and your roots are full time Practice 10 jack.

02. Chair Pose

Cardio Yoga: Chair Pose
Chair Pose

The chair pose strengthens your quadriceps, back, and glutes as you pull your chest and shoulders. For a strong change in this pose, keep your bond as low as possible while lifting your chest up at the same time.

Chair Pose Alignment Tips:

  • Sit behind your booty back, until you look at the knee and see your toes.
  • Deploy your low abdominals with a slight tap of your stomach to protect your lower abdomen.
  • If you feel a strain to lift your arms up and lower your bonds and pull them up to the chest, bring your hands to the center of the heart.

One-legged squats

From your chair pose, move your right foot forward and flex it. Start lifting and lowering your bond from about an inch in each direction. Keep your core strong, and find your way fast. Practice 10 squats on each side.

Squat Jumps

There is no such thing as a little polymetric to pump your heart! Gather your strength in chair poses and squat as low as you can to jump as high as you can. Fully extend your body (straight legs and back) as you jump up. Land in the chair pose and do it again! Practice 10 jumps

03. Crescent Lunge

Cardio Yoga: Crescent Lunge
Crescent Lunge

The Crescent Lunge strengthens your legs and back while pulling your hip flexors, chest and shoulders. This pose helps you improve stability and balance.

Crescent Lunge Alignment Tips:

  • Stack your front knee over your front ankle
  • Keep your back legs and ankles straight with your ankles and legs straight (do not bend your back knees).

Lunge Jumps

Find a crescent lunge in front of your right foot, then jump up to switch your feet so your left foot is forward. Pause for a few moments before jumping again. Practice 10 rounds (one round on both sides).

Optional: Place your finger on your finger for better balance

Knee Dips

To move your back knee on the bed from the crescent lunge breath. Breathe and bring the knee back to the crescent lunge. Practice 10 dips on each side.


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04. Down Dog

Down Dog
Down Dog

The Down Dog lengthens your spine and hamstrings while strengthening your limbs, shoulders, and legs. This pose is also the opposite, which means it is very beneficial for your heart and brain.

Down Dog Alignment Tips:

  • Extend the finger as wide as possible.
  • Focus on lifting your wrists up to extend your spine (meaning you may be bending your knees).
  • Press firmly on the finger and the first finger to help distribute the weight evenly in your hand.

Shakti Hops

Power translates divine feminine. I have to admit, I don’t know why these little kids earned the nickname “Shakti Hops”, but I love that divine divine female connection! Raise one leg to the sky from the down dog.

Hop up with your supporting leg and lift your feet two feet up and engage them for a moment. Aim to expect so your bond will move to your shoulders (or even more!). This is a great exercise for building handstand power Practice 10 hops on each side.

Dolphin Push-Ups

From the down dog, one of your arms slumps down the bed at a time. Then, immediately, go back to your hands. Your goal is to keep your roots and bonds as close as possible Bonus points for doing this in a three-legged down dog. Practice 10 push-ups.

05. Boat Pose

Boat Pose
Boat Pose

Boat pose is my favorite It strengthens and tones your entire core (including the back), and helps to stretch your spine. The balance here on your phone also helps you to improve balance and coordination.

Boat Pose Alignment Tips:

  • Actively pull from the shoulder to the shoulder so that your spine is beautiful and straight.
  • Thin back so your bond has a 45-degree angle.

Mermaid Crunches

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl From the boat pose, balance yourself in your right bond. Stay balanced as you extend a lower boat on your right arm, and then press your shoulders to your knees. Bonus points for tapping your toes. Practice 10 crunches on each side.

Swim Kicks

Expand the lower boat, your neck, and legs facing the sky from the bed to your papules. Kick your heels as you swim quickly and slowly count to 10. Practice 3, 10 counting rounds.

Cardio Yoga: The Bottom Line

Cardio yoga of traditional yoga is a more intense version, which is not usually thought of as cardio. It combines yoga-inspired and dynamic movements in a variety of ways to increase and maintain a higher heart rate, which helps train your heart and burn calories.

Cardio yoga is about walking at a moderate pace or exercising on an elliptical in the middle – but not jogging, walking or walking – about burned calories.

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